The Transcultural Caravan is a platform for global thinking, exchange, networking and dialogue. Initiated by the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ, the Caravan’s overarching goal is to tackle questions on a new type of leadership and ability to cooperate across cultural and disciplinary borders. Over the years, the Transcultural Caravan has been developing and refining the so-called Transcultural Learning cycle.

The Transcultural Learning Cycle is an ongoing journey. The Transcultural Leadership Summit, an annual event taking place at Zeppelin University dealing with transcultural leadership and collaboration across cultures under different angles and perspectives, can be seen as the starting point. Based on the findings of the Transcultural Leadership Summit, the Transcultural Student Research Group develops a topic tackling research questions in a common learning process with cooperation partners from all over the world. Through various projects, the Transcultural Caravan pursues to emphasize empirical experimentation and evaluation of the theoretical assumptions of the transcultural concept. In addition, participants can develop a set of competences required to deal with complexity in different cultural and social contexts. Theory and practice are combined in the projects. It includes not only theory-based surveys but also practice-oriented research.The intermediate findings of the Transcultural Student Research Groups are presented at the Transcultural Winter School and the Research Symposium, whereas the final findings of each year’s Transcultural Student Research Groups are then published in the volume of the Transcultural Management Series. The Transcultural Winter School and the Research Symposium take place along side the next Transcultural Leadership Summit. This closes the Transcultural Learning Cycle providing a new topic for a new Transcultural Student Research Group.