“Cultural diversity is nothing exeptional
– it is a resource for sustainable cooperation beyond borders.”

Transfer, Training and Teaching

Our transfer, teaching and training formats are based on the assumption that transcultural competence refers to the general ability to deal productively with cultural diversity, complexity and uncertainty. The transcultural approach focuses primarily on common potential and common learning processes. In interactive and multi-faceted settings, we provide opportunities to explore this approach and to develop   transcultural competence. Our team for transcultural transfer, teaching and training projects, Dr Julika Baumann Montecinos and Tobias Grünfelder, both certified intercultural trainers, combine their current research results with innovative and customised learning (training) tools. The goal is to elaborate — together with the participants — what it takes to work together successfully in global networks. Contact  us to find out what the transcultural approach can do for  you and for your organisation!

Transcultural competence… 

…is a mindset
–    Which attitudes help to cross borders and connect ideas?
–    What does it mean to be a global organisation?
–    How to design a corporate culture that strengthens cooperation?
…is a learning process 
–    How to provide a transcultural learning arena?
–    How to strengthen the ability to create value in a complex network of relations?
–    What does it mean to share a process of continuous change?
…enables creativity and innovation! 
–    How can we work successfully in transcultural teams?
–    How can we manage to think globally and to act locally?
–    In times of global value creation, who are my stakeholders and what do they want?
 …brings people together! 
–    How diverse is diversity?
–    What do we have in common?
–    Can we create something new?

We offer to rethink cultural diversity together with you and your team. Let us start a process of learning, sharing and creating – to use cultural diversity as our productive resource for cooperation. 

Our transfer, teaching and training formats combine academic input, activities (e.g. games, case studies, group works and simulations) with debriefings and discussion rounds. We offer participants to share their thoughts and personal experiences in order to gain meaning and learn from it. 

We invite you!

The transcultural approach invites people who encounter and are shaped by cultural diversity in their education and professional life. It prepares them for projects that require the cooperation of very different people and in which it is important to develop common potentials in a targeted manner and to use them efficiently. At the same time, the transcultural approach does not aspire to develop a  global identity that conceals cultural differences: diversity and similarities are not mutually exclusive, but rather complement each other productively – this is where our transcultural learning process aims to take us! 

The team of the Leadership Excellence Institute at Zeppelin University, headed by Professor Dr. Josef Wieland, has been working on these issues for many years and has implemented numerous international research and practical projects. 

Get in touch with us to find out what the transcultural approach offers for you and for your organization!