While our new Transcultural Student Research Group 2021 is starting its journey, the TSRG 2020 on the topic “Civil Society Cooperation in Europe”, conducted in partnership with Maecenata Institute, is nearing completion.

In 2020, students and alumni from Zeppelin University together with participants from five different countries within Europe worked as tandempartners on six different subprojects. The topics covered current issues on civil society cooperation in Europe and ranged from civil society in the Western Balkans, the Black Lives Matter movement, empowerment of civil society through EU cultural projects, trans-sectoral data collaboration for the common good, NGOs and banks to the role of civil society actors in combating institutionalized discrimination against minorities. 

After working on the topics for almost a year, in a final meeting with the representatives of the Transcultural Caravan and Maecenata Institute, the participants presented their research results.

As a final step, all research results will be brought together in a new volume of our transcultural management series at Metropolis publisher.

Our thanks go to our cooperation partner: the Maecenata Institute with special thanks to Dr Rupert Strachwitz in the leading position!