Past academic approaches to leadership have dominantly dealt with intra-organizational issues in a mono-cultural environment. This might be an appropriate approach to meet the challenges of industrialization; beyond this, however, its applicability is very limited. Today organizations operate within multi-cultural settings determined not only by organizational culture but also by national culture. New leadership requires productive cooperation in a very fundamental way. Therefore, we need globally accepted ethical norms and legal rules for economic activity. The lack of global institutions addressing such issues challenges the commitment of people with a global mindset. Transcultural ideals can serve as a common bond in decision-making processes regarding crucial issues. This volume is the result of a global essay competition as part of the Transcultural Caravan. The Transcultural Caravan is a project encouraging research, a worldwide dialogue, and the spread of sustainable ideas which support the development of globally accepted norms of socially responsible behavior. The role of leadership in this process is pivotal. So we asked young researchers from all over the world to reflect on values and capabilities necessary in order to face present and future challenges from a transcultural perspective. The book deals with transcultural aspects in leadership-, management-, and governance issues.