The Transcultural Caravan is happy to announce the publication of the 8th volume of the “Transcultural Management Series” titled “European Relational Societies – Best Practices for Civil Society Cooperation” that is already available both as e-book as well as printed book. 

This book presents the results of the Transcultural Student Research Group | TSRG 2020 and reflects on the development paths and potentials of civil society cooperation in Europe by applying a relational approach. In 2020, the TSRG involved participants from five European countries, who worked in international teams on different sub projects and examined the topic of civil society in Europe from various disciplinary angles. The case studies range from civil society cooperation to establish a truth and reconciliation commission in the Western Balkans, the Black Lives Matter movement and social change in Germany, empowerment of civil society through EU cultural projects, trans- sectoral data collaboration for the common good and the relationship between NGOs and banks to the role of civil society in tackling group-based misanthropy.

Further information can be found here!

A special thank to the editors: Prof Dr Josef Wieland, Dr Rupert Graf Strachwitz, Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Prof Dr Julika Baumann Montecinos. Our thanks also go to the participants in the project for their research efforts over the last 12 months: Laura Alviz, Pia Olivia Börner, Nina Hoff, Eliis Irv, Caroline Klyk, Marta Lázaro-Soler, Iulia Moaca, Miguel Neiva, Lukas Schmitzer, Vincent Steindl, Michelle Sun, Cara Thielen.